Who Is Noisesharks® For?

- If you are a person or an organization that is looking to hire a Musician, an Audio Professional, or a Studio. (Free User)

- If you do music in any way possible and looking to earn from your passion. (Professional User)

- If you are a music/audio company and looking to market your products or services directly to musicians & audio professionals through our Music Tools page. (Company Account)


Our Goal:

Providing Financial Freedom For Musicians & Audio Professionals Globally From Their Passion.


Our Missions:

- Crafting A Spectacular Portal For The Public To Reach Out, Contact, & Hire The Musical Talent They Are Seeking.

- Boost The Careers Of Audio Professionals & Musicians By Filling Their Calendrers With Clients.



Noisesharks® is a music talent marketplace platform to find and hire Musicians, Audio Professionals or Studio Space for any music related inquiry. It’s a free service where users can search for any music service locally or globally to find and connect with the professional that would be the best fit for their purpose and budget.

We have gathered and still expanding the largest list possible of Musicians, Audio Professionals or Studios which range from your neighbor down the road to the world’s top audio professionals alive. It is guaranteed that with only a few clicks you will find the talented professional you are seeking. We have designed the website as straightforward as possible, just simply search for the service you are looking for, use the filters provided to narrow down the list to your desired preferences, then listen to the professional sample presented. You can filter by Location, Genre, Price, Category, and Services.

If you are a band or a solo musician that is looking to record, produce, mix or master your music, you going to want to hire exactly the right professional. For example, if you are a Jazz band, you more likely want to hire an engineer or a producer that is very familiar with the genre. This is where the Genres filter provided come into play. You want to search for a professional that has worked on Jazz music before or has it as their Genre. Also, you want to find a professional who is stylistically and artistically like-minded to you to some extent.


What Make Us The One?

- We Don't take a commission or a percentage from your hard work and labor. It doesn't sit well with ur moral standards. The money you make is your own and you deserve all of it, which will prevent you from increasing your prices to counter the commission.

- We Don't Believe in "You Pay More, You Get Promoted Up". Here, Everyone has the same opportunity and your talent is the only thing that differentiates the outcome.

- The way the website is designed is extremely friendly and familiar. We crafted our platform in a modern way that everyone is used to and know how to navigate around.

- With as few clicks as possible, visitors can find and hire professionals in no time. Every button and every search bar has been located carefully for your speed and comfort.

- Music Tools: We have partnered up with all the tools you need to excel in your passion so you can focus only on creativity. 


The Team & The Story:

It always been ever so hard finding and connecting with the right audio professional for a project (whether it’s for a million-dollar record, or the first demo of a local band, a composition for the newest blockbuster movie, or the soundtracks of an upcoming video game, a live and touring DJ, or just a local DJ for a house party down the road).

Likewise, it’s always been ever so challenging and expensive for audio professionals to promote their services to the public. They must go through web design, search engines advertising fees, social media promoting expenses. And even with all of that they do not get as many clients as they should, in some cases this leads to those talents stepping away from their professional audio career as they see it not that promising, thus, the world loses a lot of potential talent that could’ve actually made an enormous impact in the audio industry. However, this is not that case anymore as Noisesharks® is here to eliminate those problems.